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Mistress Managed - Book One

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“Get on your back with your legs up.”

 When I was in position, she unlocked me, and I was instantly hard.  To have an erection after two weeks nearly sent me over the edge.

 She pinched my nipples hard.  “Stay with me, you hear?”

 “Yes, Mistress.”

 She dove her cock into my ass and resumed her rhythmic fucking.  My eyes glazed over and I could no longer focus.

 That’s when she began to stroke my cock.

 “Nnnrff!”  I tried to tell her that I couldn’t carry out her orders.

 “You’ve been a good boy for two weeks, Mitch.  You get to come now.”

 The second she said it, I came.  Not just coming; erupting!

from B.J. Frazier's "It Wasn't What I Wanted"


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